The Exercise Day of Your Dreams on May 10th encourages to move

Currently uncertainty characterizes all activities. However, it is certain that the Exercise Day of Your Dreams will be celebrated also this year on May 10th - for the sixth time! It is also certain that movement always pays off and it is possible in many ways, even in exceptional circumstances.

As the Corona pandemic continues, we cannot get together and organize events. Still, we can get active in many ways, responsibly, and share it with others! Dream Exercise Day is a day of all kinds of exercise that anyone can participate in. The motto of the day is the same as every year: all ways to move are good! As last year, the Exercise Day of Your Dreams is carried out on social media. Let us do it again - together and responsibly. Let us encourage others, share good ways to move and challenge whole Finland to move together!

The joy of movement keeps us going

Over the past year, not all days have really been the exercise days to dream of for anyone. Hobbies have been cancelled and familiar sports venues closed. For some that has meant less movement. Corona is a shared challenge, but it also involves a shared responsibility and opportunity to take care of ourselves and others.

#exercisedayofyourdreams 10.5.

Through the winter and spring, we challenge everyone to take care of themselves and a friend. Is there someone in your family, class, work community, or among friends who would like someone to encourage them to move? Even the smallest movement makes a difference. Let's make #exercisedayofyourdreams together again so that everyone can find a suitable and inspiring way to move even in this difficult time!


 You can find banners of Exercise Day of your Dreams to social media and web here.