Welcome to Exercise Day of Your Dreams!

The Exercise Day of Your Dreams is a day when everyone is welcome to organise their own exercise events: from open trainings to tournaments, from gym open days to dodgeball, culture walks and bike rides. We want to encourage everyone, regardless of their age, gender or location to get active and find their own thing. All ways to participate are equally good!

The Exercise Day of Your Dreams is open to all – get involved!

The Exercise Day of Your Dreams was first organised in 2016 as an exercise pop-up day driven primarily by the One Life (Yksi elämä) health initiative and the Exerciser’s Path (Liikkujan polku) network, coordinated by the Olympic Committee. The following year the Olympic Committee coordinated the Exercise Day of Your Dreams as part of the Exercise Year of your Dreams 2017, part of the Finland 100 jubilee year programme. The special theme of the year 2018 was nature and this was supported together with Metsähallitus.

The Exercise Day of Your Dreams is organised annually. The aim is to get organisations and individuals excited about thinking about their exercise dreams and trying various ways of exercising. We also want to get them excited about organising exercise in an easy way in nursery schools, schools, at workplaces, with the family, or with people who have the same hobby. The background to the event is the WHO’s Move for Health day and the event is being promoted by Finnish health, exercise and sport organisations.